Content of Volume 27, no.1, 2021

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V.A. BelonogovFinite groups with four conjugacy classes of maximal subgroups. III5   
Yu.S. VolkovA remark on the connection between the second divided difference and the second derivative19   
E.Kh. Gimadi, E.N. Goncharov, A.A. ShtepaA fast algorithm for finding a lower bound of the solution of the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem tested on PSPLIB instances22   
D.B. Davletov, O.B. Davletov, R.R. DavletovaConvergence of eigenelements in a Steklov type boundary value problem for the Lam\'e operator37   
A.R. Danilin, O.O. KovrizhnykhAsymptotics of the optimal time of transferring a linear control system with zero real parts of the eigenvalues of the matrix at the fast variables to an unbounded target set48   
I.Yu. Efimov, Ya.N. NuzhinGenerating sets of conjugate involutions of the groups $SL_n(q)$ for $n=4,5,7,8$ and odd $q$62   
V.I. ZenkovOn the intersections of nilpotent subgroups in finite groups with socle $L_3(q)$ or $U_3(q)$70   
A.O. IgnatyevOn the existence of a periodic solution of the Li\'enard system with impulse effect79   
O.V. KamozinaSatellites and products of $\omega\sigma$-fibered Fitting classes88   
S.F. Kamornikov, V.N. TyutyanovOn two problems from "The Kourovka Notebook"98   
A.V. KonyginOn а question concerning the tensor product of modules103   
V.V. KorablevaOn chief factors of parabolic maximal subgroups of the group $B_l(2^n)$110   
P.D. Lebedev, A.L. KazakovIterative algorithms for constructing the thinnest coverings of convex polyhedra by sets of different balls116   
A.V. LitavrinEndomorphisms of finite commutative groupoids related with multilayer feedforward neural networks130   
A.A. Makhnev, D.V. PaduchikhOn distance-regular graphs with intersection arrays $\{q^2-1,q(q-2),q+2;1,q,(q+1)(q-2)\}$146   
E. Mukhamadiev, A.N. NaimovCriteria for the existence of periodic and bounded solutions of three-dimensional systems of differential equations157   
S.V. KhabirovMotion of gas particles based on the Galilei group173   
A.Kh. Khachatryan, Kh.A. Khachatryan, H.S. PetrosyanAsymptotic behavior of a solution for one class of nonlinear integro-differential equations in the income distribution problem188   
A.A. ShlepkinOn the periodic part of a Shunkov group saturated with linear and unitary groups of degree 3 over finite fields of odd characteristic207   
C.G. ArditoMorita equivalence classes of principal blocks with elementary abelian defect groups of order $64$220   
D. Churikov, Ch.E. PraegerFinite totally $k$-closed groups240   
A.A. KovalevskyOn the convergence of minimizers and minimum values in variational problems with pointwise functional constraints in variable domains246   
S.P. MaksakovOn the lattices of the $\omega$-fibered formations of finite groups258   
I.L. SokhorContinuation of the theory of $E_\mathfrak{F}$-groups268   
N.V. Maslova2020 Ural Workshop on Group Theory and Combinatorics273