Content of Volume 26, no.3, 2020

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Yu.V. Bekker, D.V. Levchuk, E.A. SotnikovaAutomorphisms of rings of nonfinitary niltriangular matrices7   
I.N. Belousov, A.A. MakhnevInverse problems in the class of Q-polynomial graphs14   
K.S. Efimov, A.A. MakhnevAutomorphisms of a distance-regular graph with intersection array {30,22,9;1,3,20}23   
V.I. ZenkovOn pronormality of second maximal subgroups in finite groups with socle $L_2(q)$32   
V.I. Zorkal'tsevChebyshev projections to a linear manifold44   
I.A. Irkhin, K.V. VorontsovConvergence of the algorithm of additive regularization of topic models56   
V.G. LabunetsHypercomplex models of multichannel images69   
A.V. LasunskiiRefinement of estimates for the Lyapunov exponents of a class of linear nonautonomous systems of difference equations84   
V.M. Levchuk, G.S. Suleimanova, N.D. KhodyunyaNonassociative enveloping algebras of Chevalley algebras91   
V.D. Mazurov, A.I. SmirnovA criterion for the existence of nondestructive controls in the problem of optimal exploitation of an ecosystem with a binary structure101   
A.R. MirotinOn connections between the Bochner-Phillips and Hille-Phillips functional calculi118   
Ya.N. NuzhinTensor representations and generating sets of involutions of some matrix groups133   
A.Ya. Ovsyannikov1-Lattice isomorphisms of monoids decomposable into a free product142   
L.D. PopovOn iterative methods of finding the equilibrium in the Arrow-Debreu classical model of pure exchange with multiplicative utility functions of the participants154   
V.V. SidorovAutomorphisms of the semiring of polynomials $\mathbb{R}_+^{\vee}[x]$ and lattices of its subalgebras171   
V.D. SkarinOn the choice of parameters in the quasisolution method for the correction of improper convex programs187   
F.S. Stonyakin, I.V. BaranOn some algorithms for constrained optimization problems with relative accuracy with respect to the objective functional198   
F. Sun, X. Yi, S.F. KamornikovCriterion of subnormality in a finite group: Reduction to elementary binary partitions211   
A.G. Chentsov, A.A. Chentsov, A.N. SesekinOn the problem of sequential traversal of megalopolises with precedence conditions and cost functions depending on a list of tasks219   
V.V. Chermnykh, O.V. ChermnykhFunctional representations of lattice-ordered semirings. III235   
V.M. Chernov, M.A. ChichevaDiscrete orthogonal transforms on multisets associated with complete sequences249   
V.I. ShmyrevDuality in linear economic models of exchange258   
N.V. Maslova, Yu.S. Belousov, N.A. MinigulovOpen questions formulated at the 13th School-Conference on Group Theory Dedicated to V.A. Belonogov s 85th Birthday275