Content of Volume 26, no.1, 2020

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*. Editorial BoardALEXANDER BORISOVICH KURZHANSKI (On the Occasion of His 80th Birthday)7   
B.I. Anan'evEstimation of states of multistage stochastic inclusions12   
V.I. Berdyshev, V.B. KostousovA trajectory minimizing the exposure of a moving object27   
M.I. Gomoyunov, N.Yu. LukoyanovConstruction of solutions to control problems for fractional-order linear systems based on approximation models39   
N.L. Grigorenko, E.N. Khailov, E.V. Grigorieva, A.D. KlimenkovaOptimal strategies in the treatment of cancers in the Lotka-Volterra mathematical model of competition71   
M.I. GusevAsymptotic behavior of small-time reachable sets of nonlinear systems with isoperimetric constraints89   
A.R. DanilinAsymptotics of a solution to a problem of optimal boundary control with two small cosubordinate parameters102   
D.D. Emeliyanov, E.Ya. RubinovichTrajectory control of 3D observations from an UAV by angular measurements112   
A.F. KleimenovDecision making in a hybrid two-step problem of dynamic control with three participants131   
E.K. KostousovaOn polyhedral estimation of reachable sets in the "extended" space for discrete-time systems with uncertain matrices and integral constraints141   
V.I. MaksimovOn an algorithm for the reconstruction of a perturbation in a nonlinear system156   
M.S. Nikol'skiiOn the maximal guaranteed payoff in some problems of conflict control of multistep processes167   
N.G. Novoselova, N.N. SubbotinaConstruction of the viability set in a problem of chemotherapy of a malignant tumor growing according to the Gompertz law173   
V.S. Patsko, A.A. FedotovAnalytic description of a reachable set for the Dubins car182   
G.A. TimofeevaProbabilistic solutions of conditional optimization problems198   
A.A. TolstonogovDifferential inclusions in a Banach space with composite right-hand side212   
P.A. TochilinOn the construction of a piecewise affine value function in an infinite-horizon optimal control problem223   
V.N. Ushakov, M.V. PershakovOn two-sided approximations of reachable sets of control systems with geometric constraints on the controls239   
A.V. Fominykh, V.V. Karelin, L.N. PolyakovaGradient method for solving some types of differential inclusions256   
A.G. ChentsovUltrafilters and maximal linked systems274   
A.A. ShananinAnalysis of the financial state of an investor based on the Cantor-Lippman model293