Content of Volume 21, no.2, 2015

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A.A. Azamov, M.A. BekimovAn approximation algorithm for quadratic dynamic systems based on N. Chomsky’s grammar for Taylor’s formula21   
L.A. Vlasenko, A.G. Rutkas, A.A. ChikriiOn a differential game in an abstract parabolic system26   
N.L. Grigorenko, Yu.A. Kondrat’eva, L.N. Luk’yanovaThe problem of finding a guaranteeing program control for a linear system with incomplete information41   
M.I. GusevOn the attainability problem under state constraints with piecewise smooth boundary50   
N. Huseyin, A. Huseyin, Kh.G. GuseinovApproximation of the set of trajectories of a control system described by the Urysohn integral equation59   
V.A. DykhtaPositional strengthenings of the maximum principle and sufficient optimality conditions73   
D.V. Kornev, N.Yu. LukoyanovOn a minimax control problem for a positional functional under geometric and integral constraints on control actions87   
E.A. KrupennikovValidation of a solution method for the problem of reconstructing the dynamics of a macroeconomic system102   
A.V. Kryazhimskiy, A.M. TarasyevOptimal control for proportional economic growth115   
A.B. KurzhanskiiProblem of collision avoidance for a group motion with obstacles134   
V.I. MaksimovOn a modification of the extremal shift method for a secondorder differential equation in a Hilbert space150   
M.S. Nikol'skii, M. AboubacarOn the usefulness of cooperation in three-person games160   
A.I. Ovseevich, A.K. FedorovDamping of a system of linear oscillators using the generalized dry friction168   
N.N. Petrov, N.A. Solov'evaMultiple capture in Pontryagin’s recursive example with phase constraints178   
V.G. Pimenov, M.A. PanachevOne-step numerical methods for mixed functional differential equations187   
A.S. RodinOn the structure of the singular set of a piecewise smooth minimax solution to the Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equation198   
O.S. RosanovaOn the connection of the Hamilton–Jacobi equation with some systems of quasilinear equations206   
N.N. Subbotina, L.G. ShagalovaOn the continuous extension of a generalized solution of the Hamilton–Jacobi equation by characteristics that form a central field of extremals220   
A.A. TolstonogovSolutions of evolution inclusions generated by a difference of subdifferentials236   
A.A. UspenskiiDerivatives by virtue of diffeomorphisms and their applications in control theory and geometrical optics252   
V.I. Ukhobotov, I.V. Izmest'evOn a problem of impulse control in the presence of a disturbance267   
V.N. Ushakov, P.D. LebedevAlgorithms for the construction of an optimal cover for sets in threedimensional Euclidean space276   
A.G. ChentsovAn abstract reachability problem: “purely asymptotic” version289   
N.D. Botkin, V.L. TurovaExamples of computed viability kernels306   
V. Dzhafarov, T. Büyükköroglu, S. YilmazOn one application of convex optimization to stability of linear systems320